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In addition, I love how Kelsey has made an effort to get viewers involved.

In early episodes, Kelsey asked people to send her their customized male Sims to be potential “donors” in her game.

I can tell you why Mario might be a sociopath and the scientific way to kill Deadpool. My new weekly You Tube Red Original Series, “Mat Pat's Game Lab” launched June 8th. EDIT 2: Want to see a video of me answering your questions?

Check out the first episode here: to know what it's like to film in 360, race an ostrich or play an IRL version of Rocket League? Proof: DGSz96More Proof: Pat GT/status/741374756859969536Edit: Reddit, thank you so much for your questions today; thank you to all the loyal theorists who showed up. Here's a link to the official AMA video we took! v=KJ83np Q0Ar QSo I know that You Tube is working to bring You Tube Red to a lot of different countries all across the world, so that way the service is available to everyone, worldwide.

Comprehensive exams are looming, dissertation deadlines are quickly approaching, and I’ve needed a bit of help getting through this end-of-school slump.

The basic rundown: to complete the 100 Baby Challenge, you must attempt to give birth to 100 children (in game, of course…You must play with your Sim on the normal aging lifespan without any cheat codes, and when she ages out, the next impregnable child becomes the new matriarch. And no help until your eldest grows up and is able to help you out around the house.You continue like this until you have all the babies. Trust that this leads to a lot of matriarchs falling asleep while standing and peeing their pants.I love how this system creates a matriarchy run by powerful women who are strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business.Also, hey, it’s fun to cycle through a bunch of random Sims men.

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If you weren’t able to tell from the very descriptive name of the show, every episode features Kelsey attempting to complete The 100 Baby Challenge.

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