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The impulse to control or strategize romance isn’t new — red flags and deal-breakers, and the analysis they inspire, abound in 1990s romantic comedies, and courtship rituals predate humanity entirely.

What seems uniquely contemporary about “Dating Around” is the rote, bored way people enact these norms, as if they have no choice — or rather because they have so much of it.

What’s most revealing about “Dating Around,” though, is the way it’s structured.

The lead dater wears the same outfit and eats five different meals at the same restaurant.

She last wrote for the magazine about the novelist and screenwriter Gillian Flynn.

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Despite what tech companies would have us believe, people cannot be optimized for one another; an overwhelming abundance of options discourages the leaps of faith that can transform the terrible uncertainty of dating into something great.

Like keeping up with a decent TV show, it’s at least something to do.

Lauren Oyler is a writer working on a novel about dating and social media.

When, during an “after hours” conversation, one contestant uses the word “swipe” to refer to dating itself, without having to explain the word’s provenance, she reveals that dating has become so process-oriented that it’s practically indistinguishable from the mechanisms that were meant to streamline it.

Though dating apps may improve many aspects of modern romance — by making people safer and more accessible — their guardrails also seem to limit the possibilities for it.

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This allows the five dates to be edited into one four-dimensional hyperdate.

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