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Sharpe, Sortino and Treynor Ratios), plot histograms of daily returns to check if they’re normally distributed, identified stocks with my desired risk characteristics, and calculate mean-variance optimal portfolios.The VBA that retrieves the data from Yahoo was adapted from code found at Finally, select "Microsoft Excel" from the Microsoft Office menu.Click on the "Data" menu from the Microsoft Excel main menu screen.Add stocks, then pin as many as you would like to your start screen.Features: - Keep list of pinned and unpinned tiles, so you can quickly choose which to show on the start screen - Live tiles update quotes approximately every half hour - Tiles are built to match your theme color, and to look similar to built-in apps - Live tiles show additional information on the back of the tile, such as price change and last update time NOTE: The app uses Yahoo Finance for stock data.

As an example of some trivial analysis, clicking a button in the spreadsheet gives the arithmetic mean, the variance and the standard deviation of the daily returns (based upon the daily closing price).

UPDATE July 6th 2017: The old Yahoo Finance API was discontinued, so the spreadsheet stopped working for a while.

Stock Tiles allows you to quickly and easily monitor stock prices from your Windows Phone start screen.

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