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Here is an example where I was using a border on the blue invitation, and I used a series of calligraphic swirls and ornaments to create this save the date design.

Take a peek around and see what you can find for your invitation.

Here's a killer design secret: We do not always feel like drawing.

Yes, we can do it but often, there is a digital design that works perfectly and there is not a designer in the world who would create their own if a simple click will give them the same effect. Try enlarging a single ornament and placing your monogram around it like this save the date.

I'm pleased to say that I've moved beyond that moment of 6th grade creative genius, and the world of dingbats has advanced significantly too.

Since "Dingbat" is such an unsophisticated word, and does not express the bounty of design options available, I am heretofore calling Dingbats "Ornaments.

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