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However, surprisingly enough, these phenomena are rarely put into a greater context of globalisation theories (with a few exceptions, e.g. Religion remains discussed as somehow outside of society and opposed or only related to globalisation.

In this essay, however, we shall argue that, in fact, there is a close interrelationship between the rise of new forms of religion and the globalisation of society.

In general, at least until 2011, religion has often been neglected within globalisation theories.

As first part of a solution, the following part will therefore try to shed light on the contentious task of defining the term ›NRM‹ and to suggest a new and more precise definition from a systems theoretical perspective.

Im Folgenden wird dann versucht, die drei Bestandteile neu und schärfer zu fassen.

Der Artikel schlägt dazu eine systemtheoretische Re-Definition des Begriffes der NRMs als (New) verstanden werden.

Finally, putting these aspects together, we shall show the role of NRMs as globalised religion as well as globalisers.As long as there have been sociological studies of religion, the question of defining different (organisational) forms of religion has been an essential task.For example, Max Weber distinguished between in order to understand and classify different forms of religion (cf. However, these terms, although they might have been considered as ›objective‹ sociological terms at Weber’s time, nowadays have become value-laden and therefore problematic.Der Artikel liefert eine systemtheoretische Perspektive auf die laufende Debatte zum Begriff ›New Religious Movement‹ (NRM).Nach kurzer Vorstellung einiger grundlegender Aspekte der Systemtheorie nach Niklas Luhmann identifiziert der Aufsatz drei Probleme des Begriffs der NRMs, geknüpft an die drei Bestandteile ›new‹, ›religious‹ und ›movement‹.

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