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Women make up less than 5% of the more than 14,000 pilots currently in the U. Air Force, for example, according to the Air Force Personnel Center.One reason is that some women simply don't find the military route appealing.When they do decide to pursue flying, one of the biggest obstacles to getting a job at a carrier is money.When going the civilian route, it can cost up to 0,000 in training to become an airline pilot, said Amy Laboda, a pilot and editor in chief of Aviation for Women magazine.On a more positive note, the women who do fly these days said that they didn't have a sense of anyone in the industry being unwelcoming or holding them back."I can tell you that [female airline pilots] have made tremendous progress, and the reason ...Schilmoeller's goal was to fly for a major airline, but when she had enough experience to apply for a job at a legacy carrier in 2003, there weren't any openings. 'Dinosaurs are gone' Such airline hiring dry spells are another reason you may see few women in the cockpit.The industry slumped after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and then again during the recent economic crisis.

Angela Masson, a retired American Airlines captain who heads the group, said it shouldn't be very surprising that women don't flock to a stressful male-dominated job that requires lots of expensive and continuous training, takes them away from home for large chunks of time and makes it difficult to raise a family.

She finds that most of them have something in common: a family member who flew and showed them it was possible at an early age.

"It just seems like the women, if they didn't have it around them as a young child, then it's not something they considered," Dunbar said.

I think a lot of women just don't think about it ... Some carriers were quick to respond with the numbers: • American Airlines said 344, or about 4% of its pilots, are women.• Alaska Airlines said 53, or also about 4% of its pilots, are women.

as a career field." We wanted to find out how many female pilots work at some of the major U. • Jet Blue's figure stands at 78, or just under 4% of its pilots.

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