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I brought up the topic of dating, and she revealed that, when she’d reached her late thirties and was still single, everyone seemed concerned about her boyfriendless status, except her.

“People kept telling me I was being too picky,” she said, gazing out over the rolling hills and jade-colored shrubs of Uganda’s Kidepo Valley.

Please don't assume you know what my standards are simply because I am single and you are not.

Here’s what I’m getting at: When you tell me I’m too picky and to give whatever bro another chance, what you’re saying is this: ​ If you have a four-page-long checklist of super-specific qualities you're looking for in a mate (plays guitar, banks six figures a year, has a close but not too-close relationship with his mom...), and you'll pass on anyone who doesn't tick every box, maybe you are pushing extreme picky-ness.

But single women—especially ones in their thirties who, like me, have plenty of dating and relationship experience—are generally looking for more broad qualities that make for a healthy relationship: chemistry, communication skills, physical attraction, compatible senses of humor, and an easy rapport.

If I'm ending things with someone, it's not because he's not capital-P perfect—it's because one or more of those crucial elements is missing.

New submitter garthsundem writes with this tale of digital love: "A newly published meta-analysis of over 400 studies of online dating (PDF) shows both its popularity (second only to meeting through friends) and its impact.

More online daters report seeking a 'soulmate' online, and do so by searching through the wealth of available profiles.

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