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He did not have the courage to ask her out at first and this was the case for a while.We still cannot ascertain how Sarkodie met Tracy to ask her out, but when he finally did the two went on to quickly become the model celebrity couple they are today.Sarkodie and Tracy get a baby In March of 2016, the Sarkodie baby hype came to a climax after the birth of Adalyn Addo, also known as Titi.The two-year-old daughter of Sarkodie and then long-term girlfriend Tracy is treasured and has been the subject of many heart-warming Instagram posts by the couple.Undoubtedly, we are all wishing Sarkodie and Tracy live happily ever after.Their relationship began before Sarkodie became the famous star he is right now.

Sarkodie until this wedding had been seriously trolled for not marrying Tracy even after they had a child a few years ago. So that “appropriate time” we have all been waiting for is on the 17th July 2018 and it’s a Tuesday.Perhaps he doesn’t want too many people coming to the wedding, reason why he chose a weekday.Sarkodie and Tracy’s wedding At the beginning of the month of June, news of Sarkodie asking for Tracy’s hand in marriage hit the airwaves.Since that time Sarkodie has gone on to marry Tracy is a traditional wedding ceremony held on the 17th of July and then followed by a white wedding on 22nd July.

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Their relationship, whose first photo is from 2006, has since bloomed in to more than just a relationship, the two have a baby together, her name is Titi, more on her later.

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