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No one cared who they were married to or who they were dating,’’ remembers Tanya Young Williams.“No one noticed you, but today all you have to do is go on two dates with an NBA player and you’re a star, too.She told me that I had to keep the media, the team, and other women out of my marriage if I wanted it to last.She told me not to listen to what other people had to say about my marriage.I tried to do that for as long as I could, but it wasn’t easy.’’Vanessa Bryant supposedly was told of her husband’s numerous affairs by other Los Angeles Laker wives who were made privy of the extra-marital activities by their NBA spouses.While many assume this was a comforting act of sisterly love by other basketball wives, others claim it was more an act of revenge by women long annoyed by Vanessa’s “Queen Bee’’ attitude and refusal to work with or befriend them.“I’m not aware of many people that actually like Vanessa, to be honest, so I’m not sure there’s much sympathy for her,’’ said Williams.“You think you’re marrying this great guy and life is going to just be this wonderful dream world.

J’s ex-wife) and Cookie Johnson (Magic’s wife.)“The young girls today that marry these guys won’t listen to anyone,’’ says Williams.

You have to be their mother and their lover all at one time.

That’s a lot of work.’’One benefit Young Williams says she enjoyed that the new crop of NBA wives doesn’t, is the guiding wisdom of women who’d traveled the same rocky road before.

The two enjoyed what appeared to be a fairytale romance after meeting as freshmen at St. Jayson was indeed everything Tanya thought she wanted in a man, with his movie-star good looks, quick wit, and charming demeanor.

Unfortunately none of those admirable attributes were enough to keep the couple on track or together when big money, NBA fame and fast life came knocking on their door.“Every woman walks down the aisle thinking their marriage is going to last forever,’’ says Williams, who filed for divorce in 2009 after years of alleged abuse by Williams, and his eventual conviction on manslaughter and DUI charges.

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