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First movie you ever went on a date to Bizarrely I was let into The 40-Year-Old Virgin when I was about 12 with this guy for our first date.It was very uncomfortable to sit through – lots of awkward shuffling and avoiding eye contact. Last time you cried At work for an emotional scene – I was a mess.Beautiful and attractive, Freya Mavor is currently single.

Last extravagant purchase you made Bought a ticket to go to Dimensions Festival in Croatia. First film you saw that really moved you When I was a little tot I watched The Brave Little Toaster – a story about five household items (toaster, blanket, lamp, vacuum and a radio) who, after being abandoned, go on a long quest to search for their original owner. Last lie you told‘It wasn't me’ – *looks over to empty box of chocolates*.I would casually 'turn up' at the skate park when I knew he'd be there.Eventually I got up the courage to tell him I liked him – his response was that he was into 'older women'. Last book you read The Little Friend – Donna Tartt.I think she needs him to uphold her world, I think he’s just a building block in the foundations of her master plan.She’s getting what she wants but not what she needs in that sense.” What do you enjoy about playing Mini? I enjoy the fact that she’s feisty and she says things that I would never even dare to say in real life.

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Well, she is successfully growing in her career and has a promising future.

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