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Rob had romantic love life with his girlfriend Bryiana Noelle Flores for several years.After several years of romantic love life, he proposed her at Disneyland and they finally got married on 26th of April 2015.He began his acting career by appearing in an American reality television series Rob & Big, and that was since late , he produced a movie titled Street Dreams. He began playing several sports since his childhood days.From his movie career, he has managed to have a good financial status. He was just 11 years old, when he first began skateboarding.

He also became the founder and CEO of Dyrdek Machine, a full-service venture studio.The couple is still together as a husband and wife.44 years old Rob is a father to two children, a son named Kodah Dash Dyrdek, and a daughter named Nala Ryan Dyrdek.As part of the Fantasy Factory series, Dyrdek set the record for the largest skateboard (according to the Guinness World Records website, it is listed as the "Longest Skateboard in the World"), but, according to the "World Records Academy" website, this was broken in 2010. During his time with DC, Dyrdek began his exploration of entrepreneurship through shoe design and this led Dyrdek to launch various short-lived companies, including a hip hop record label and a skate shop.In an episode of Fantasy Factory, Dyrdek jockeyed a race horse for his friend Joe Ciaglia Jr.

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Dyrdek set twenty-one separate Guinness World Records for skateboarding as part of his former show Rob & Big.

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