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Heck a lot of the time they even pack my suitcase and take care of me in nonsexual ways which is nice!

I have had one instance where I was worried about the age of the girl so I left that club and never returned. 22 and above (im 25) I am 100% against having minors in this business Yes a few of my close friends know. Also it allows me to act out my sexual desires such as threesomes easily. I would never ever pick up a girl off the street to many unknowns and the money you save simply isn't worth it Also yes I ALWAYS wear a condom.

Sure the first thing that probably comes to your mind are freelancers and bar girls that seem to find you in every major tourist location in the Philippines (or you find them).

But then you don’t necessarily need to pay for sex if you are willing to meet some girls in the “real life” and that’s so much easier than back home in the States, Europe, Australia or whatever western country you are from where the girls look at you like you are some kind of sketchy sales person when you give them a nice smile in public.

Ive had many girls tell me they are shocked at how I treat them. I find after that they get a little too comfortable for my liking. I've had several girls go to bat with vendors cause they where trying to rip me off. Its very public and you have a stage and they dance if you see one you like you get the mgr to fetch her.

They also watch out for me when we go out and make sure no one takes advantage of me.

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