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Continuing from a previous post: Building A Windows 10 1803 (April 2018 Update) Reference Image with MDT, this post will walk through creating a Deployment Share to deploy the Windows 10 reference image.

It is assumed that you have a Server or PC with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and it’s dependencies installed and have been through the post previously mentioned.

To prevent confusion with the ISO we generated from the Build deployment share, you should append -deploy to the end of this new ISO.

Create a new VM in Hyper-V with the following configuration: The Task Sequence will install Windows 10 1803 from the reference image created in the previous post.

Now we’ll get into drivers and further configuration.

Setting the Default Application Associations Here’s how to configure the default application associations in the deployment task sequence.

When the device is booted into the deployment environment, press F8 to get a command prompt, and typing out the following command: The output of the command is the model number you’ll need. I’ve found Windows 10 is good at installing missing drivers from Windows Update, but it can take some time and it would be better for the device to be running with all the drivers it needs once deployment has completed.

Windows 10 tends to have some drivers built right in and I’ve found they are usually totally usable, so I only add drivers to MDT that Windows 10 cannot find.

Copy this file to a location where a Hyper-V Virtual Machine will be able to access it.

When this process completes the VM will be shutdown.

This completes the basic testing of the deployment.

Creating the Deployment Share Securing the Deployment Share In the previous post we created a user called mdt_admin in Active Directory to be used as a service account.

We must give that user access to the new Deployment Share we have created here.

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