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From - Art History graduate student Nathan Dennis discussed the personal beauty and appearance of men in Greece and Rome.

From - Experimental Archaeologist and Hairdresser Janet Stephens spoke on aspects of female hairdressing in ancient Rome.

Cat, dog, ibis and shrew mummies were on view as well as crocodile bones and reliquaries that once held animal remains. Theodore Lewis, Blum-Iwry Professor of Near Eastern Studies discussed the topic, “Deciphering Ancient Magic Spells: From the Late Bronze Age to Late Antiquity,” and revealed the ancient words written on a ceramic sherd from the site of Nippur (current day Iraq) in the museum collection and dated between the 5 century CE.

From to , Egyptology graduate student Marina Escolano-Poveda presented her recent research on a funerary papyrus dated to ca.

Janet Stephens’ work has been featured in the Journal of Roman Archaeology, BBC News, the Wall Street Journal and the New Yorker.

On Friday, October 30, from to , Jennifer Torres and Kate Gallagher, JHUAM Collections staff will discuss how a museum collection with a collecting history that spans over 130 years, can hold many mysteries and a few horrors.

For a preview of some of the objects to be shown at chat, see our online catalogue The Roman House at Hopkins. Collins Vickers Professor in the Department of Classics discussed objects including the internationally renowned Attic red-figure kylix attributed to the Kiss Painter, dated c. On Wednesday, March 24th, we held a museum chat about ancient Egyptian amulets and invited visitors to make their own.Learn more about this artifact and others during our September museum chat., we examined ancient objects from the museum collection, and some of the relatively modern works that they inspired.From -, Paul Delnero, Assistant Professor in the Department of Near Eastern Studies, deciphered texts from ancient Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets and also decoded a not-so-ancient cuneiform tablet written for Daniel Coit Gilman, the first president of Johns Hopkins University, in the late 19 century.The chat will highlight the detective work behind understanding the collection’s history including a mysterious package containing Egyptian and Roman artifacts that arrived in the mail and the “horror” of past non-archival storage that is currently being upgraded to today’s professional standards. Emily Anderson, Departments of Classics and History of Art, will discuss how excavation of the Minoan palace of Knossos on Crete impacted Baltimore society in the 1900s-30s.The centerpiece of this chat will be reproductions of wall paintings commissioned in the 1900s for the Hopkins museum and a dubious ivory “goddess” purchased for the Walters collection.

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, on the lives and deaths of warriors from the Ancient Americas and the Roman Empire. Lisa Deleonardis, Austen-Stokes Term Professor in Art of the Ancient Americas discussed the narratives on two Vera Cruz ceramic vessels from Mexico (600-900 CE).

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