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His eyes widen and stares from the ring to Songweaver for a few seconds before abruptly getting out of his seat, pushing the finely crafted wooden chair backwards and making it topple over.

Songweaver’s eyes narrows before he takes a couple of swift strides and is in front of Khadgar. “You should be ashamed, you disgusting, immoral fool! I did all these nice, wonderful things for you, and you dare to repay me with rejection?!

Khadgar laughs nervously, suddenly feeling out of place and very underdressed.

His date is wearing a beautifully crafted suit to fit.

It’s titled ‘Powers of the Void’ and it’s a story about having the weight of a world resting on one’s shoulders. No one at the moment,” he replies, wondering if he’s missing some kind of hidden social cue.

And sometimes, it may be necessary to call upon powers one would otherwise not use in order to keep the world safe… It’s a story that questions morality and --”Songweaver holds up a hand, stopping Khadgar. Surprise me when you get it published.” He then rests his chin on the back of his hand again. Who is the lucky person that your wonderful story is dedicated to? Songweaver couldn’t possibly want him to dedicate the book to him, now would he? “Here we are - Cherry Galette with Meringue,” the server says, placing them on the table.

They linger for a few seconds too long, eyes flickering from Khadgar, to the dessert, to Khadgar again, as if debating whether or not to tell him something.

Khadgar receives one final look of sympathy before the server nervously walks away.

Khadgar swallows - there’s no backing away now - and enters.“My name is Medivh. ” Medivh asks Khadgar as he settles in behind the counter.The Karazhan Dating Service seems to be just as legendary as all his friends and acquaintances told him; a service that offers the best advice as well as guarantees a partner.Medivh looks at Khadgar again and puts his hands together. ” he asks, handing him a sheet that was tucked away behind Songweaver’s profile.He looks up at the colourful sign once more, hesitates as he glances at the heavily decorated windows, slowly takes a deep breath and -The door abruptly opens up from the inside.Khadgar freezes and stares up at the person who opened it, and his heart skips a beat.

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