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Then the two squads performed their ritual of trading uniforms. I love surprises, especially when they have to do with sex.” The girls just sat around and socialized for a while, drinking and discussing the competition and the routines they had seen. Each round, one of us will have a dick hidden in her panties. The Middleton squad laughed too, for a completely different reason, exchanging sly glances with each other. “First we are going to stuff our panties, or rather hunt for it. And you’re supposed to play a little with whatever you find. Finally Jessie pulled Olivia’s panties down to her knees, dumping toilet paper all over the floor. But a couple of the others aren’t far behind.” Now that Olivia and Jessie were paired, they sat down with the others.They exchanged everything, including underwear, with a little delicious touching during the changeover. The squads complimented each other’s performance and the Middleton girls acknowledged how narrowly they had won, just a few points worth. Each round, we’ll roll dice to decide who is packing. As each of you finds the dick, you pair off with that girl and we play again until everybody is paired. Sorry.” Jessie kissed Tracy, relocating the pussy in the mass of paper and rubbing it. I mean, it feels...” She continued fumbling around in Olivia’s panties, her jaw dropping at a steady rate. The watching girls rocked back when they saw the dick, crying out in shock. Everyone touched it gently, making confused noises. They didn’t start playing yet, wanting to watch the rest of the show.They sat side by side, kissing while manipulating each other’s fun parts.

Now that it was playtime, the Lowerton girls began the task of bringing the dicks online, at least those that weren’t hard already.

The Lowerton cheer squad made their way through the streets of Middleton, packed into two cars. They had lost the competition to Middleton, just barely, but now it was time for the orgy, hosted by the winning team. They never let team rivalry get in the way of sex with other cute girls. “I just hope it doesn’t involve farm animals or heavy machinery.” The Lowerton girls arrived at Marcella’s, only getting lost a couple of times.

“I’ve been hearing rumors about some kind of crazy shit going on at Middleton High.” “Like what? I asked Liz about it during the break, y’know, before the final round, and she just laughed and said we wouldn’t fucking believe it.” “Whoa,” Marissa said.

Olivia was on top of her, planting that substantial tool deep inside her.

Jessie hated being done with strapons, preferring hot and living flesh, so she had never been fucked by another girl before.

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