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Some have argued that this cartoon is a metaphor for an LSD trip, although on David Firth's You Tube he argues against that matter.* Men from Up the Stairs, what seems to be an animated metaphor for constipation.* The Child That Smelt Funny, a nine minute satire on media censorship * Video Dating Tape, a Flash movie about a lonely adult woman in search of a man, which turns out to be a man in the character of a young boy.* A Black And White Cartoon About Roof Tiling and A Black And White Cartoon About Berries, animations in 'paperflash' telling the story of a strange psychotic middle aged man living with his mother.He is delusional and kills without knowing with the help of his bird.*Christmas, a short animation about a man who murders his wife and child at Christmas.Much of his drawing style resembles Don Hertzfeldt's: thin, stick-like characters with large, wide-set eyes and dark circles underneath them.Firth's most notable works are currently Salad Fingers, Burnt Face Man and Devvo; his work first became noticed when the second episode of Salad Fingers was featured on the front page of Newgrounds on July 16, 2004.Jimmy lányát egy nap holtan találják, s a gyilkosság ismét összeköti az egykori cimborák életét.

The answers to these e-mails basically each consist of a variation on "Feedback Wesley has no time for these questions", the point of the skits being to show the general stupidity of the sender of the e-mail.

Animation and video work* Salad Fingers, a series of bizarre animations about a green humanoid that is aroused by the feeling of coarsely-textured objects, most famously rusty spoons, taps, and nettles.* Devvo, a series of live-action documentaries, some of which have been shown on E4's Funny Cuts and Channel 4's Whatever series, about a foul-mouthed unemployed delinquent stereotypical 'chav' named Darren Devonshire from Doncaster.

The films (which can be seen on Google Video here and here) follow Devvo going about his typical day - getting his dole money, getting drunk in a playground, picking fights with people larger than him, attempting rap duels and setting fire to an abandoned car.

His solo work is now referred to by the name Locust Toybox (formerly Foyf (the Scribbler)). Locust Toybox, was released by Synchrostart Media..

He has described his Locust Toybox work as IDM (even though he declares it to be a "stupid" name for a genre), Trip-Hop and Ambient.

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*Jim's Story, a series of five short cartoons following a boy called Jim.

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