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You could just check a few ajax control items and then click add and be patient , this choose items window sometimes get stuck I created a "Add Tab" in the Tool Box and named it to "AJAX".

Then I have tried to browse the "Ajax Control Toolkit.dll" and directly when I can see that many items is checked and also selected pressed "OK".

I want Maskedtext Box for IP address format like like this,in my toolbox i didnt have masked textbox control,so please help me,please its urgent having another problem iam facing plese help me Hai i did one application ,its an intranet web application using and

I think I have to ask, what I need is the AJAX toolkit installed.

I dont know why that is happening, it seems strange.

Could there be any other approach to add the AJAX toolkit to the toolbox ? And also you dont need to manually uncheck all the checked items, they wont be added as the checked ones are the ones that have been added before.

NET Tips and Tricks, C# Tips & Tricks, Visual Studio 2010, . NET Tips & Tricks The Masked Text Box class is an enhanced Text Box control that supports a declarative syntax for accepting or rejecting user input.

The "Ajax Control Toolkit.dll" is also in my bin folder of the project and I have tried to restart Web Developer 2008 Express Edition many times doing the same procedure.

I have "Add Reference" Ajax Control Toolkit.dll, in the project and are not completely stuck what I need to do to simply add the Items from the AJAX Toolkit ? There must be any detail that I miss out somewhere.

For example, the number sign (#) is often used as a placeholder for a numeric character input.

Each editable mask position, representing a required or optional input, is shown with a single prompt character.

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