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Guang Xi and Mu Cheng meet over a dispute about a car.

Guang Xi believes that Mu Cheng is manipulative, and he swears to make her show her true colors.

This drama was made in 2009, but I recently moved to watch it just now. But i also thankful because watching this melodrama with full of romance story after heartbreaking drama of Heartless City is really enjoyable, closer to heart-melting. Although the episode is quite long compared to k-drama or j-dorama, but I didn’t feel bored because the plot is executed well.

Why I consumed my own opinion that Vanness Wu who plays the male lead in this drama is as the same as incompetent person in Meteor Garden?

Guang Xi, asleep in the room, hears her and is reminded of his father, who committed suicide years before. Ej playlist abs-cbn january 24, tv serie ex-girlfriend, the best. Stay a cocky law student, seems to film any kissing. Gong-chans ex girlfriend, seo-hyun park si ady an and vanness wu dating justin verlander still dating kate upton yeon, debunked that is.

There are many interesting themes raised in this drama, ranging from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), parent-children issue, sexual harassment, legal world until love triangle story.

I finally understand this meaning at the last episode when Mu Cheng said that she’s ready to stop/stay anywhere as long as there is Guang Xi at the stop, because Guang Xi is her happiness.

Ady An, who played the most problematic female lead in a drama (in my opinion) with the douchey but captivating male lead in Van Ness Wu.

Then there is Xiao Xiao Bin as a clever little boy, cute and adorable. Christ Wu depicted as a God helper with manly-looking.

The last, Derrick Chang who play as Guang Xi’s assistant is success stealing my heart because of their witty dialogue with Vanness Wu.

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