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A PI begins with a " is a PI (in this case, a XML instruction) that attaches a XSL style sheet to the XML document for layout processing.

Document Type Definition (DTD) is used to define the structure of an XML document.The JAXP (Java APIs for XML Processing) provides a common interface for creating, parsing and manipulating XML documents using the standard SAX, DOM and XSLTs. Below is a simple SAX parser program to display all the books in the " import The example code for this tutorial, form-xml-validation, is available for checkout at struts-examples In this tutorial we’ll cover how to validate a user’s input in form fields using Struts 2’s XML validation methodology.DOM is a platform- and language-independent interface for processing XML documents. The DOM parser loads the XML document, builds an object model in the memory, in the form of a tree comprised of nodes. The DOM API defines the mechanism for querying, traversing and manipulating the object model built. The DOM API defines the mechanism for querying, traversing the tree; and adding, modifying and deleting the elements and nodes.

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