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NET: Spring's schemas are located in the directory doc/schema.In that directory is also a NAnt build file to help copy over the files to the appropriate VS. To execute this script simply type ' Once registered, the namespace declaration alone is sufficient to get intellisense and validation of the configuration file from within VS. Alternatively, you can select the file to use by setting the target Schema property in the Property Sheet for the configuration file.Unfortunately, intellisence for property completion and ref completion is not available.Typing the missing information in then leaves the completed object definition.Conventional wisdom is do quick prototyping with App.config and use another IResource location, file or embedded assembly resource, for serious development. NET 2010, you are encouraged to install the Spring. For more information and to download the latest version of this 100% free tool, visit NET Visual Studio 2010 Extension provides Intellisense Solution templates for VS.NET 2008 are provided to get you up and running quickly with a Spring. Four templates are provided and there are plans for more. Resharper supports intellisence completion for the value of the type attribute when editing Spring's XML files. This is shown below for the case of specifying the type of a DAO object in the NHibernate sample application Hittingn 'enter' will then insert the fully qualfied type name with the namespace but not the assembly reference.This creates a solution with two class library projects, one for you application classes that will be managed by Spring and another testing project. NET based data access layer project and an unit/integration testing project. To install the templates follow the directions in the 'dev-support' directory.

To be able to validate this document one would need to install the .Recently we decided to make some updates to our web app. NET/C#, while the back end is all in Java and using REST APIs as the interface.One pair of programmers was assigned the task of updating the web app and the other pair was assigned the task of writing the new REST service used by the web app.I don’t know about you lot but I work with XML files a bit, but I don’t have to mess around with XSD (xml schema) files that often. And it seems like every time I do I forget what I did last time.

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