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It is quite easy in Outlook 2016 to check if your mailbox is being indexed.

To check what you’re indexing in Outlook 2016 just follow this specific path: This is where you can make sure that Outlook has been selected for indexing.

Does another Outlook mean new or different Outlook search problems?

Not exactly, but Outlook is an email client that is used quite frequently, and like anything that is used frequently; it requires some attention and maintenance to keep it working.

If your search shows no results, one thing that could be happening is that your Outlook data file is not actually checked off for indexing.

It is important to have the Outlook Search Index working correctly, as it can send the entire email client into a spiral of malfunction.

I keep emails for long periods to facilitate searches for old messages and have very large in and sent boxes.

There are various degrees of malfunction you may have to contend with dealing with the Outlook Search Index: it can completely stop working and give you zero results; it may show results up to a certain date; or the Outlook Search Index will tell you that there are items that are still waiting to be indexed.

These issues could have many different roots, and can be fixed by doing different things. When dealing with Microsoft Outlook Search not working, it is important to just keep calm and follow the steps provided here.

So, even if you’re using the new Outlook 2016, you will eventually run into some issues.

One of the most common issues that occur with most Outlook clients is the search tool not working as it should.

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Outlook search is arguably one of the most important tools on an email client.

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