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To use router as home router, please connect it to modem with RJ45 ethernet cable or via Wireless connect. Starting the firmware to update, DON't power off the device when upgrading. After upgrading, the router will restart successfully within 1-3 minutes. When the router starts successfully, you need to re-set the router. EZ-Flash IV doesn’t use emulation, its all pure hardware running on the DS Phat’s GBA code, so it means it runs your GBA backups perfectly without lags or slow downs,dstwo comes with gba emulator,do you dont need any buy extra item . EZ-Flash has stopped update for ages,yet, dstwo with a quicker updating. Supercard dstwo is the only way to emulate GBA on a 3DS or DSi.

Both of dstwo and ezlflash card can support gba games, the mainly different lies in follwing sides : 1. So,if you have a DS and you want great GBA experience then just get yourself an EZIV, but far as i knew, the production for those shut down so it might be rare to find one for sale now. You can buy dstwo, it comes with gba emulator, just download gba emulator plug in in dstwo official site, then you can enjoy gba games on your NDS/XL perfectly. If you dont want buy dstwo flash kit, then it doesnt matter, you can use other flashcart,such as r4i gold rts 3ds , Ace3DS Plus and so on to play gba games on your console as well, Yet, if you use these cards,you still need buy a ezflash 3 in 1 together.

The Super Card DSONEi is a Slot-1 flashcart solution, made by the Super Card team.

It's exactly the same as the Super Card DSONE, but made to work with the DSi.

The CFW doesn't require any extra investments like a flashcard, it can be done for free.

The DSTWO should still work, Nintendo doesn't block it. The Sky3DS needs to be in a powered 3DS to switch games.

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