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How should I go about describing this on my resume? You are making this way harder than it needs to be.

What does the job description have to do with anything?

Summarize your early job titles using one line of text.

For example: COMPANY NAME - City, State, 2/01 to present If each of your positions is strong and relevant, separate the job titles and provide individual position descriptions.

Third, I would re-write the bullet points so that they say the same thing (or almost the same thing) but with different words.

And you can certainly repeat some things between the two jobs.

As of July 1, I was informed that my title had changed with the new company but they don't even have a job description for this position.This way I avoid repetition but make it clear that I continued to do the tasks associated with the previous job title. My question is a little different and I'm unsure as how to handle it.Break down the one new responsibility into 3-4 tasks so you can position your promotion as something substantial. I've been working in the same building since 2013 and had changed jobs within the company once (from Intake Coordinator to Admissions Director).I simply put, "Maintained responsibilities held under [xxx] title" as my first bullet for the new title.Then, below that I start the second bullet with, "Additionally,..." and proceed to bullet the new tasks that came with the promotion.

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After all, an accountant at company X may do many of the same things at company Y.

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