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As pointed out by one of our readers, one should be aware of security issues when installing packages.

Software may be downloaded from compromised servers and may contain malicious executables.

So, we'll get back on our setup for the PXE article and create a local repo for the installation.

We will need a webserver, so let's install it: option, since you don't want to get all the contents of a Debian archive (only amd64, only main and contrib, only squeeze, without CDs, etc.).

Please note that you can use this setup to mirror official Debian packages or create a repository with your own packages, as the steps are same.

So you will have to create a GPG key on the server and use rpm to sign the custom package: Of course, your USERID will differ, so alter the info accordingly.Whether you’re a student about to write your first line of code, an enterprise leader with teams around the world, or an open source maintainer, we want Git Hub to be the best place for you to code, collaborate, and connect with the global community of developers.Today’s changes are a big investment in the future of Git Hub, and we’re excited to see what you build in 2019.Since Debian's repository structure is more convoluted, you'll see that it takes a little more work on the server side, but less on the client side.At all times, there will be three sections: stable, testing and unstable (not counting experimental) which each have three components depending on how packages are licensed: main, contrib and non-free.

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Yum (and apt, zypper and other package management systems) overcomes this problem by using GPG keys. These packages are already signed, and the keys can be found in /etc/pki/rpm-gpg.

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