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Dependencies are declared using cpanfile format, and the managed dependencies are tracked in a cpanfile.snapshot file, which is meant to be version controlled, and the snapshot file allows other developers of your application will have the exact same versions of the modules.For The modules are installed into your local directory, and the dependencies tree and version information are analyzed and saved into cpanfile.snapshot in your directory.When you take a snapshot in one perl version and deploy on another (different) version, you might have troubles with core modules.The simplest solution, which might not work for everybody, is to use the same version of perl in the development and deployment.It defines a set of methods, variables, and conventions that provide a standard database interface.Following are simple steps to install DBI module on your Linux/UNIX machine − Following are important DBI routines, which can suffice your requirement to work with SQLite database from your Perl program.Returns a database handle object if the connection succeeds.

But without the need to specify a separate path to the installed modules. You need to perform the following steps: Use one of the following methods to find the module you desire: Conclusion : A Perl module is a software in the programming language. Also, Carton requires you to run your command/application with , or lib).carton is a command line tool to track the Perl module dependencies for your Perl application.If the filename is given as ':memory:', it will create an in-memory database in RAM that lasts only for the duration of the session.If the filename is actual device file name, then it attempts to open the database file by using its value.

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