Updating maps on garmin nuvi 200

If you managed to fit all of North America on a nuvi 200, then you likely don't have a 200 from 2008, but one of the rebadged 205s that Garmin sold for Christmas last year.

I that isn't the case, then you somehow either added internal memory to the unit (difficult but not impossible) or you have a 250.

The entire 2011.30 (newest) mapset will never fit on the 200's internal memory as you've seen.

If you have the full 2 GB SD Card to use, I would install the entire mapset onto the SD card, verify that it works, then delete the old map from the nuvi.

I am trying to update the maps on my daughter in law's nuvi 200.

I could not download the updated map to the nuvi, because it does not have enough space.

Or should I install ALL the new maps on the SD card, and then delete the old maps from the nuvi?

In any case, I would have rather had a 250W or 260W since both of those have enough memory for the whole of North America, but I can't complain given that I got my 200W for from a coworker.

button: Software Version 4.00 Audio Version: 2.20 GPS SW Version: 2.80m From the "Hidden screens" (press the battery indicator for 10 seconds).

SW Ver 4.00 Version Information: n2 S V2 2GB I believe I have updated the firmware in the past. Software Version 4.00 Audio Version: 2.30 GPS SW Version: 3.00s The copyright notice at the bottom of the about screen is ©2007. SW Ver 4.00 Version Information: n2 S V4 1GB SIRF Version 4.00 is the last firmware released for the 200W.

Step 4 If there is a software update available for your Nuvi, select it.

Step 5 Allow the software update to install and your Garmin Nuvi device will be updated.

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While I personally prefer to do it that way, for most people I would recommend doing what Dorkus Nimrod says and load the entire map on the SD card. The only caveat you need to let your daughter-in-law know is that it will take the 200 a bit longer to boot because it has to read from the SD card, which is a bit slower.

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