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Mandriva has developed some tools that makes keeping your system up-to-date, installing, removing and upgrading RPM's easier.

All the tools described in this HOWTO are created by Mandriva with the exception of "rpm" wich is the original rpm tool.

Updating software using rpmdrake is also just about identical to installing/removing. A question box similar to this will then pop up: Make sure that you are connected to the internet then click "Yes".

If this is the first time you're running Mandrake Update, the following window will appear (if it isn't, skip ahead): Here you choose the mirror you want to download the updates from.

An RPM package contains either the entire compiled (binary) software, or in some rare cases the source code for the software so that you may compile it yourself (called a SRPM or Source RPM).

On a technical note, an RPM is really a CPIO archive with gzip or bzip2 compression.

Choosing which tool you want to use is a matter of taste more than anything else.

[7] Click this button to manage your gpg keys, don't mess with this i you don't know what you're doing.

[8] Click this button to set up your proxy for use with rpmdrake.

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