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You cannot realistically do it even on a network drive let alone over an internet connection.

The model should not interfere with the normal use of your computer.

No, you will get credit for each trickle and there are around 100 trickles in global models. It stands alone and the project needs lots of slightly different models.

So at worst you only have to wait for about 12 hours to trickle. Also, you do not have to wait for someone else to validate your work. The models are further subdivided into phases, trickles, and timesteps.

When the project started, we mostly ran global models looking at long timescales of decades, but more recently we have been running regional models looking at much shorter time periods of months to a few years as part of our [email protected] series of experiments.

Only the longer-scale experiments will have phases.

The shorter, regional model experiments are much smaller and take between a few days and a month to run.

More specifically, for the models used in our [email protected] experiments: (CPDN) work units are a Climate Model that runs for between a few model months and many model years depending upon which model is being run.

Nevertheless, you can suspend all projects via the BOINC Manager’s File Menu.

If you just want to suspend one project, that can be done from the projects tab.

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