Updating an old concrete carport

Place tiles into the mortar bed and tap them gently in place using a rubber mallet.

Check that tiles are even using your level and adjust as needed.

Lay your level across the surface of the porch and look for high or low spots.

Sand or plane high spots on wood porches and grind high spots or clumps of cement on a concrete porch.

Ceramic and stone tiles serve as ideal materials for updating an old wooden or concrete porch.

The point where these two lines cross represents the center of the porch and where you should begin installing tile.

Use your carpenter's square to ensure the lines are perpendicular and adjust as necessary before proceeding.

Measure each side or wall of the porch to find the midpoint.

Snap a chalkline from each midpoint to the midpoint of the opposite wall.

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After getting this far within one afternoon we had high expectations for how quickly the finishing touches would go.

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