Undue dating mistakes for women

Here you’ll find the answer of many dating questions that people ask themselves, hoping to find their own true answers. A lot of women choose to live alone these days, not just for excelling in their professional lives but also for experiencing the true meaning of independence and responsibility.Women are often considered as the weak link of the society because of their physical vulnerability and this is the reason why they are usually targeted by the miscreants and burglars.Well, you must be wondering about how can one afford or even get a private guard.Ladies, you can be sure of your own and house’s safety once you get a dog for yourself.Yes, even if you are an alone and weak woman, you have the capability of fooling the intruder and stalker for sure.Never let any person in your neighborhood know that you are a woman who is and will always live alone, instead fake out certain things in front of them.Our safety tips would sound incomplete without mentioning the importance of security systems and alarms in one’s home.

Avoid giving your house’s spare keys to unfamiliar or new friends and make sure that you don’t keep your home keys at easy to locate spots.

Thus it is imperative for woman living alone to be highly vigilant and avoid making any pattern in their daily routines.

For instance, take different routes to your office daily and collect your mail at different times of day in order to confuse such people who are trying to study your routine.

If there are no lights in the street at night, then avoid staying up alone in the neighborhood and don’t take up stroll in the night.

Most of the people today avoid talking to their neighbors or are simply too busy for interacting with people living around them.

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A phone call or mail daily to your loved ones from your side would not just ensure them about your well-being but would also alarm them in case of emergency.

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