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In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Tyler Christopher made it very clear that he was fired from the series and that his recurring role on The Lying Game did not factor into the decision.

"I was trying to stay on GH, however that worked out financially" Christopher explained of his expecting to take a pay cut.

Christopher's contract was set to expire in June and the date would have marked the beginning of the last 13 week-cycle period in his deal—at which time the network would notify the actor of their decision to offer another contract.

While Christopher had previously admitted he was unsure about renewing his contract, he was open to working both shows and thought it was a likely possibility considering they were both under ABC.

However, the actor was instead told that a "pay cut was not an option," though it was an option for others.

The actor was angry over the decision and said "I felt like I earned my spot as a permanent fixture on the show." Christoper revealed that things felt awkward on his last day because "nobody really knew what to say to me." While the manner in which the situation was handled gave Christopher a "bad taste in my mouth," the actor had already agreed to a three episode return stint under newly appointed head writer Garin Wolf by the time his final scenes aired. In February 2013, Christopher's co-star Nancy Lee Grahn—who played Alexis Davis—revealed that Christopher had been on set.

And he promised her he would if he didn't get a job in six months.

Valentini told Christopher his return would be open ended while the actor awaited news on production for The Lying Game.

Christopher believed the character could go in any direction.

Christopher later voiced his frustrations with playing such a young character and consciously chose to develop Nikolas in more a young man with a "firmer grasp" on his life.

Christopher was hired two days later, signed a three-year contract, and filmed his first scenes in late June 1996.

In May 1999, rumors circulated that Christopher would not renew his contract which was set to expire in June.

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"Tyler was there Monday, and I came in on Tuesday" he said.

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