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This year's event will take place on the Morristown Green on August 28 from 1pm - 3pm.The keynote speaker will be Morristown Mayor Tim ...This event is part of a program by TREP$ ED, LLC, a non-profit organization from Fairfield that provides schools, parent associations, and local organizations with TREP$™, a comprehensive project-based entrepreneurship curriculum designed for students in the fourth through eighth grades.At Woodmont, TREP$ is specifically open to the fifth grade students, who get to learn the business basics, make homemade products, design print ads, develop business plans and sales techniques, and finally at the big event, sell their goods to customers.For his business, Abraham offered to give piano and taekwondo lessons following the event.“Piano and taekwondo are my passions,” said Abraham, who offered lessons at home or at parks.The celebrations, often fundraisers for the local church or other organizations, often include rides, games of skill and, naturally, delicious food.New York’s most famous celebration is the Feast of San Gennaro, which was first celebrated in the ...

Eagan and friend Aili Monahan attended an awards dinner in the spring at which Eagan was presented with a plaque for her award. — Grayson Link of Gloucester County was crowned as the New Jersey 4-H Equestrian of the Year in ceremonies at the Horse Park of New Jersey before the State 4-H Horse Show.

Sign Up for E-News “We all start with an idea and what’s needed in the world,” said Dan Seewald, Montville resident and the school’s TREP$ facilitator.

“Then we do some light market research, find a product, and put a business plan together.

ORLANDO, FL – A vacationing New Jersey state trooper saved a girl from drowning in Florida last week, NJ State Police reported. 23, Trooper I Charles Travis was near a resort swimming pool when he heard someone calling for help. — Archers on horseback were once instrumental in the survival of many cultures.

Travis entered the pool, grabbed the seven-year-old girl, and carried her to the pool deck where he began performing ... They provided food for their families and defended their nations in war time.

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This year, over 20 students participated in the TREP$ program creating almost two dozen vendors.

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