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So with some warm coffee and good company, we tell our stories laugh and help a great cause.

Want to know what's going on with Shane Felux, Producer / Director of Star Wars "Revelations", "Pitching Lucas" & "Trenches" ? See what's going on in my world from the next project, the adventures it brings, and the basic rantings of Shane. Dec 5th I participated in this year's Underwear Bike Rally, in which bikers suit up in cold DC Metro weather and ride for charity donating unused and unopened underwear that go to the local homeless shelters. It will let up"I get to the starting location, Coleman Power Sports, and after some coffee and time warming up I am good to GO.

They're comfy, they protect you from the elements, have lots of pockets and if you're a comic book character they signal you're an irrefutable badass. Regardless here are the ten best trench coats in comics.

event Wesley appeared (pictured below left) with a sort of mixture between his classic golden age appearance and his more modern one.

Here’s a taste of the reviews to come from our Fringe review team. The pratfall takes on a kind of existential inevitability in this double-feature slapstick/commedia extravaganza, devised by an international cast of physical comedians (Canadian, American, Swedish). The ranting daughter in perpetual mid-tantrum (“screw the patriarchy!

In part one, the more inspired and better executed of the two, three incompatible clown soldiers in a war ricochet their way into a trench to hide out in. ”) has a goofball brother in love with his own T-shirt.

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