Top chinese dating sites

Momo is another good Chinese dating app, and the previously mentioned Baihe has an app as well.

Badoo might be the best dating app in China for foreign men to use.

They have been in business for over 15 years and have an outstanding relationship in the international dating site community.

They have 35 sites spanning the globe and over 35 million users, hard to argue with those numbers.

We are assuming most here don’t really speak the local language and that will severely limit your options.

If you really want to try to meet the foreign bride of your dreams from this country maybe learning a bit of Chinese would be a good idea.

They have a whole lot going on and it can be very difficult to try and navigate your way through.

Plus since these are more geared towards locals you probably won’t be finding as many Chinese women seeking a foreign husband on them.

Those would be the best dating sites to meet English speaking women in China seeking foreign men.

There are so many guys spamming out messages to the most attractive ladies on the site that often times the hottest ladies will have inboxes with hundreds of unread messages in them.

It is not a bad option if you don’t mind putting in more hours to save a small amount of money.

You will get some attention, but on the English speaking sites you will find more single ladies interested in foreign men.

Tan Tan is probably the most popular dating app in China, but like the above sites if you don’t speak the local language it will be pretty difficult to figure out.

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