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Keep in mind that Tonka has, over the years, manufactured millions of Mighty Tonka models.

However, there are some models that were only around for a couple of years or produced in limited quantities.

elcome to my Online Museum for Old and Vintage Tonka Toys.

I have putting together photos I have taken of my toys to build this terrific online reference and Museum Website with Literally Thousands of photos documenting the history of Tonka Toys from 1948 until the late 60's.

Each of the photos shown on this page link to another individual page detailing the individual toy shown.

I have also cross referenced these toys with the Look Book or Look Book catalog pages as possible.

The first Mighty Tonka was introduced at Toy Fair in New York in early 1964. In fact, the new Mighty Dump was initially assigned to Tonka's Regular series.

Charles Groschen, at the time Tonka's Vice President of Manufacturing, is given credit as the creative mind behind the development of the Mighty Tonka Dump that in turn was the stepping stone for an entire Mighty series.

Mighty Tonka trucks are very collectible, especially the first generation Mightys, 1964-1972.

Beginning early in the 21st century, there seemed to have been an increased interest in what could arguably be referred to as Tonka's premier series, the Mighty Tonka.

Blame the increased interest on the internet, e Bay in particular.

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Juarez, Mexico would take care of smaller series like the Mini Tonka.

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