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Or, even more disturbing, are they learning gender stereotypes, purposely taught, that should have gone out the door with those 1950s home economics textbooks we've all heard about? If you don't believe me, look at all of those "Story" programs on TLC's daytime programming, when the viewership is primarily female. Next we have "A Dating Story." True, this one beats a lot of the voyeuristic dating shows on other channels.The ones that told women: Take 15 minutes to rest so you will be refreshed when he arrives. First, we have "A Makeover Story." Yes, it is true that occassionally men are made over on "A Makeover Story," and in general there may be nothing wrong with a makeover show now and then. In TLC's version, singles are paired up by mutual friends who have always thought they would be "right" for each other.D: I travel a lot for work, so I’d read about It’s Just Lunch in airline magazines, and then I ran into a friend who was attending the wedding of an attorney in town who’d met her husband through IJL – the fact that those two events happened so close together, I thought I should call them. They found people for me based on what I was looking for and I just had to show up. What would you tell a friend who was apprehensive about investing the money on IJL?At the end of my work day I didn’t want to come home and go look at profiles online. M: I had gotten a divorce and then did online dating for a while before joining IJL. M: I’d ask, “Are you looking for a relationship or not?The premise of It’s Just Lunch is simple: a lunch date or drink after work is the ideal first date.

It’s Just Lunch matchmakers have matched hundreds of thousands of single professionals and arranged over 2 million first dates resulting in tens of thousands of marriages, engagements and long term relationships.

Not many people have an opportunity to impact others’ lives in such a gratifying way, and I never take that for granted.” It’s our professional matchmaking team that makes the difference. We're not a parade of endless online dating profiles. We are experts at helping real people who want real relationships meet each other in the most effective way possible: face to face.

I've always believed the name of a thing should fit its nature.

It all begins with our Philadelphia matchmakers getting to know you and shooting for fireworks with every hand-selected match we make.

Melissa is passionate about helping singles meet their “special someone”. Nothing is more attractive than someone who is confident in their own skin, AND who is genuinely happy.

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(And if you watch carefully you'll notice a vicious cycle: "A Makeover Story" also features couples "sprucing up" for twentieth anniversary parties -- a must to keep that man you've trapped when, in the wake of all that babymaking, you no longer look like the vixen created by your first makeover.) in its name.

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