Tips dating shorter men

There are some women who are just horribly unattracted to men that are shorter than them.

Oh well, nothing one can do about that, it’s their personal preference and I hope someday they find the basketball player of their dreams.

I decided that I could totally write better dating advice for straight short men, so here I am.

1) Congrats, you can filter out women who are terrible.

If you are looking for "dating tips for shorter men" You are exactly right.

signs that - when you act upon - send your chances of rejection through the roof.

This relates to a concept I like to call the Jerk Detector.

A Jerk Detector is a trait about yourself that comes up fairly early on in the dating process that weeds out the jerks from the nice people.

While open-minded, kind people know that size is hardly an indication of compatibility, you might encounter jokes or comments that are in completely poor taste.

Even when you know the judgments of others should have no bearing on your relationship, it's not unreasonable to try and make accommodations to avoid the conversation altogether.

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