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Just a few examples: My DMV, Tax Online Services, Unemployment Benefits etc.An ID account provides secure electronic access to these services.Additional accounts for employees can be created as required.NYS OFA Health Indicators - Allows Users from NYSOFA approved organizations to create a business account for the NYSOFA Health Indicators Database.Kindness, integrity, and humility are worth so much more than prestige. Born and raised in a small part of Brooklyn that doesn't even feel like Brooklyn.

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Thought I would switch up locations to see if that could help put an end to ...

I am here for companionship mostly, someone I can be my old goofy self around and not feel judged. I am recently retired from the military, now work in security at a hospita as well as go to school full time using my Gl bill. Well I like to explore on my off time, I love history, and curios why are us humans the way we are.

I’m not looking for someone to complete me and appreciate a woman who considers herself whole. I also like to try knew things I never done before.

Oh I'm a HVAC Technician which I love, I don't ha...

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