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Second is Thomas de Wesselow’s 2012 book by Janice Bennett, who has a Masters of Arts in Spanish literature and a certificate in advanced Biblical studies from the Catholic Biblical School of Denver.

From a somewhat skeptical position we also referenced The big question is, does the Shroud really bear the image of Jesus?

Physical Chemistry: It is also questionable why the blood stains have remained red so long after death.

Nuclear chemistry: Pro-Shroud researchers have always called the reliability of the multiple carbon dates that have been obtained from the Shroud into question.

But, even if the Shroud was once wrapped around a human body, this would preclude the body of Jesus because these reactions are associated with decomposition.

Provenance: Many false relics are known from the Middle Ages, including many from the regions of northern Italy and France.

This raises the suspicion that the Shroud is also a forgery, since it was first displayed in the 14 century in France.

In 1532 the Shroud suffered fire damage in the chapel where it was housed.

Since it was folded at the time, this resulted in a series of repetitive burn holes.

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