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Both men, who sounded to me like they were in love, were sending her several hundred dollars every month.

A few months worth of payments from each, and she had new boobs.

And don’t try to convince yourself “My Thai girl is different”, as a lot of men do this then realize, months or years later, really she’s not.

Of course, there are exceptions to these pure generalizations about Thai bar girls, but they are few and far between.

Being married to an ex-prostitute can also impact a western man’s ability to get a good job, as much of Thai society is based on appearance and respect. Thai bar girls aren’t any worse a human being than the rest of Thai women. It is just that the reality of the situation is dating or marrying a bar girl is only going to set you up for many problems down the road.

If a western man with a wife who used to be a bar girl applies for certain jobs, there is not much chance he will get it. Ones you likely wouldn’t have with a Thai girl who isn’t involved in the bar girl scene.

The majority of Thai bar girls date or are in a relationship with a western man for the money.

Your Reputation, While Dating or Married to a Thai Bar Girl – While Thai men may have sex with prostitutes, few if any respectable Thai men would consider marrying a Thai prostitute.

Just the same as in the west, where most men would not marry a prostitute either.

The girl doesn’t know much about the world outside Thailand, and would rather spend her time in front of soap operas or gossiping with her friends.

If the guy tries to have a more in-depth conversation about political or social issues, or even just normal news, the girl has little or no interest in doing so.

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In fact, in all the time I have lived in Thailand, I have only met one western guy who is still happily married to his Thai ex-bar girl wife — and she is a lovely woman, by the way.

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