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She struggled again, but it was still hopeless for the young girl. Yet her nipples were hard and she could feel a warmth in her belly that she couldn't explain any other way.Another tentacle appeared and it attached itself to her other nipple the same way. Could it be that being restrained and violated like this was turning her on? Amanda held still and stopped her struggling for a moment as she tried to reason with the sensations she was feeling. Another tentacle was slowly moving down the inside of her thigh! When it came to the edge of her bikini bottoms, Amanda held her breath - but the tentacle slipped underneath her bottoms!The tentacle slipped under her bikini top and with a quick hard tug, ripped it off her, leaving her in only her bottoms.The beast then ran its cold slimy tentacle over her bare tits to Amanda's horror. The tip of the tentacle opened up and it closed over her nipple, hard from the cold water and the fear she was feeling, and began to suckle her! " Amanda screamed behind the tentacle still covering her mouth.Amanda's breath caught in her throat as she was skewered by the probing, squirming tentacle.

But these girls have some super powers in their vaginas, because every time monster fucks them hard - he dies.she swam over and noticed a cave sitting right on the bank of the lake partially submerged by the water. She decided to rest a bit and perhaps when they got into the cave she could find solid footing and be better able to fight this monster off.She thought she would swim a little closer and take a look. She looked back at where their blanket and picnic basket sat on the beach - she hadn't realized how far away it was!On this particular day, though the pair decided to check out this quaint little lake he had heard about from some of his friends who had been there before.So packing up a rented Jeep with a picnic lunch Rick and Amanda headed to the lake for a nice day of swimming and exploring the lake they had heard about. He got out, leaving her to lounge in the warm water of the lake. The tentacles quickly seized upon Amanda; one catching each of her arms, one wrapping around her slim waist, and one more moving up to cover her mouth making any further screams just muffled sounds.

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