Teenage girl dating bad boy

convinced women everywhere that you could easily turn a bad boy good.In fact, they convinced girls that the only boys worth being with were the ones who needed to be reformed in the first place.There’s tons of teen angst, and Mandy Moore is rocking a pretty heinous haircut – what more could you ask for in an early 2000s rom com? Let’s be honest – anyone would try to reform Ryan Gosling.He could be a murderer and girls would still be convinced there was a heart of gold hiding under that stellar six pack.

In reality, Ledger probably would have moved back to Australia and she would’ve gone to Sarah Lawrence and forgotten all about him.It combines two of the most tension-filled romantic comedy tropes: best friends becoming more and the bad boy becoming better.If you’ve never seen this ’90s gem, you’re missing out on more sulky Hawke than you can handle. Not only was she beyond innocent, she was all of us when she carried that watermelon.Moore portrays a cynical high schooler who doesn’t believe in feelings or true love.While it seems like the typical teen movie, it’s far darker than most — it deals with death and teen pregnancy.

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