Teenage dating older man

Some posters commented on how older men tend to take advantage of young girls because of their naivety.

This seems to be a common sentiment among (American) women.

Found out soon enough that she had just barely turned 18.

I was very, VERY hesitant to continue the relationship.

However, her personality was fucking incredible and she was smart and witty as fuck so I kept going with it.

My parents "jokingly" called me a total perv/cradle robber. But despite my reservations, we continued to date and it went amazingly.

I have several friends who've regrettably dated guys in their 20's when they were 15/16/17.

Maybe there's a chance she didn't see the text but that's too convenient.The only issue I've had with the relationship is how busy she was with school and other things.She's taken the maximum amount of classes every semester, gotten 4.0s every time, volunteered at various places, played sports, and became an RA. Because of this, I've never been able to spend as much time with her as I wanted.She also kicked me off her netflix right after we took a break but I gave her the benefit of the doubt at the time.I want to reach out again but I think the message is somewhat clear.

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We clicked so perfectly on many things and could talk nonstop when we were together. She was a virgin, I wasn't, but I told her that there was no pressure on her to have sex and we would take it slow and proceed when she was comfortable.

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