Tales from the trenches on line dating

He seemed pretty cool and was able to carry on a reciprocal conversation, except for the fact that he totally stared at my chest the entire time. At one point, I thought a boob had popped out, or I spilled something on my shirt, so I looked down and behold, nothing! Somehow, 5 minutes was up and I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that I was “eye molested”.Later I asked Rachel what she thought of the Perv, and the first thing she tells me was, “he was alright, except he totally stared at my boobs THE WHOLE TIME.” NEXT!Where is Ali, our bartender friend when you need him? It’s 5 minutes, and if it doesn’t work out, then you have an interesting dating story to share with your friends…Dating on an internet singles site is rather like shopping.So I recently decided to give online dating a try due to my increasing lack of free time. So I have a first date with this one girl who seems really cool.

So far I still prefer retail therapy to dating, but I suppose thats because I havent found the right fella.

Socially awkward or what I like to call, Aspy engineers galore! Being a Behavior Analyst who works with Autistic children, I should have been in my element being surrounded by so much social awkwardness.

No amount of behavioral training or dating could have prepared me for this. When we got to the place, there were only 5 guys, and 1 other girl at the bar. I entertained the idea of giving a fake name – something I probably did a dozen times in college when out with my girlfriends – except we’ve already registered online, and the girl running the whole thing already has our names. Rachel and I sit down in one of the booths, waiting to see if any more people will stroll in.

Anyway, at that point, the only real way we’re going to survive this night is to get a drink (or two or three), but I refuse to step foot anywhere near the bar, which was kind of ridiculous in retrospect seeing how I am supposed to spend 5 min INDIVIDUALLY with each of the guys anyway. We stand at the bar where we instantly make friends with the bartender. At this point, the alcohol is kicking in, and I can’t really tell if it’s really him or if I’m making it all up. The girl running the event announces that we are going to start. Apparently, because of the low turn out, the next speed dating event is supposed to be free for us.

That’s when Rachel reminds me,” do you really want to do this sober? I don’t want to stare so I try not to make direct eye contact and silently hope he doesn’t recognize me. Our hostess reminds us of the rules, and tells us that spending 5 minutes with someone doesn’t obligate you to be their boyfriend/girlfriend, you are not dating, etc.

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The women are arranged around the stations, and for some reason, the whole experience brings me back to learning how to square dance in the sixth grade.

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