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Their love-hate affair had all the makings of a modern reality TV melodrama – an early partnership giving way to jealousy, intrigue, and alleged theft, not to mention Gates ultimately rescuing Apple from the edge of the oblivion so that Steve Jobs could rise again and eat Microsoft's lunch.

This was the first time Apple showed its now famous "1984" Mac Super Bowl ad and the first time the machine was publicly shown outside the company.He pretended to host what was titled, "The Macintosh Software Dating Game." Jobs questions Gates, who offers praise for the Macintosh, stating that it's "really new and really captures people's imagination." Gates says he expects Microsoft to get half of its 1984 revenues from its software for the Macintosh, a statement that makes Steve Jobs opens with, a low-key Special Event that took place at the Apple Town Hall on October 21, 2001.The ad debuted for the masses in 1984 during Super Bowl XVIII.It features a female athlete entering an auditorium and hurling a sledgehammer through a large video screen displaying "Big Brother," who symbolizes Apple's then rival, IBM.

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