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Being disabled due to an injury brings many mental challenges with a new type of loss.You have to take everything you knew about living your life and thrown it out the window.Very useful and I did my best to follow the advice.So we met up a couple more times and the topic of sex came up.Loss of bladder control and tingling sensations in your legs can also occur.If you aren’t used to this, it can be embarrassing.But for each of these people, the accident that causes their injury changes their entire lives.Being born disabled means you learn how to live with your impairment from a young age.

I'm a female, and while I don't have a spinal cord injury I am dating a man who does.You go from being able to walk around on your own and take care of yourself to entirely depending on someone else to take care of most of your basic needs.This can be a massive hit to your self-esteem, especially if you were independent before the accident. Why Your Self-Esteem Suffers from a Spinal Cord Injury When you get a spinal cord injury, your life turns upside-down overnight.It’s almost like giving up control over your life to someone else and just hoping they won’t do anything bad with it.How Those Changes Affect Dating When it comes to dating, you must find someone willing to work around that as well.

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