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In other words, you want to highlight the most attractive parts of your personality.

If you’re funny, for example, don’t be afraid to show off your sense of humor with witty, playful responses.

Even if you had the worst day at work or you’re not feeling at your best, it’s time to shake it off, smile and get ready to turn some heads.

If it helps, give yourself a quick pep talk before going in. Also, you’ll want to ask the best questions for speed dating.

Dating could be an exciting journey filled with new people and new places.Men aren’t mind readers, so it’s always good to let them know when they are on the right track with non-verbal cues.In fact, did you know non-verbal communication (tone of voice and body language) accounts for 93 percent of communication? In a study of 40 speed dates with heterosexual men and women, researchers found speed dating couples were more likely to want to see each other again if they had a similar language style.Contrary to what you see in Hollywood, you should not be aiming for a love at first sight, and the fireworks type of physical chemistry. ) but if you meet someone who seems interesting and there’s a curiosity on your part, say yes. When I talk to clients, I encourage them to shift their perspective in terms of dating expectations.If you obsessively search for “the one” you will be left feeling frustrated and disappointed the majority of the time.

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Being bold enough to tease and make jokes also conveys confidence, which is the most attractive trait among both men and women.

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