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A judging panel of established marketers, Anne Donaldson (Price Waterhouse Cooper), Alex Mc Guire (Scottish Development International) and Paul Harrison (Intrum Justitia) considered the MSc International Marketing presentations, while Marie Taylor (Taylor Mc Kenzie), Craig Monks (Smith and Mc Laurin) and Martin Raymond (Cloudline PR) assessed the presentations for the MSc Marketing.

The finalists' clients included Invatec, Cen Trade X, Sgurr Energy, Blue Sky Experiences, Carbon Passport, 4TM and the University's International Graduate Office.

Marketing Works is a team-based project, where the Department of Marketing's post-graduate programmes undertake consultancy for clients, between October and March.

This year, there were 21 Marketing Works projects across the MSc in Marketing, and MSc International Marketing programmes.

Machine learning models can also be used to correlate rigorous results with approximate calculations, providing accurate interpolation of exact results.

The aim of the conference related to increasing collaboration across the sector to raise the profile of the arts, enhance Scotland's reputation and enhance audience development.Speed-dating, a novel approach to business projects...........On Thursday, Scottish Enterprise, in association with the business school Careers Support Service, set up a 'speed-dating' event for companies that wished to take on a MBA student for the summer.If combined with the Bayesian statistics, such a simulator allows one to obtain not only the quantum predictions but also the error bars of the dynamical results associated with uncertainties of inputs (such as the potential energy surface or non-adiabatic couplings) into the nuclear Schrödinger equation.Instead of viewing atoms as undergoing dynamics on a given potential energy surface, Bayesian machine learning allows one to formulate the problem as the Schrödinger equation with a non-parametric distribution of potential energy surfaces that becomes conditioned by the desired dynamical properties (such as the experimental measurements).

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