Skype virtual sex meeting

​Check out their short clip below on how the system works.

Tour places in your state or country that you'd like your partner to discover, or be their virtual tour guide showing them around your home town.

There are countless quizzes throughout the internet that you can use. If you have been in a LDR for a while, you could quiz your partner with questions about yourself, your family or your relationship.

If you want to spice it up a bit, give them a reward when the question is answered correctly!

Before moving forward with any electronic sexual activity it's important to talk about and respect each other's boundaries.​Studies have shown that couples who are sexually active are happier.Want us at Lasting The Distance to create a list​ of truth or dare questions specifically for couples in long distance relationships? ​Similar to compatibility tests, quizzes can be a great activity to help you discover more about your partner.Whether you're looking to be serious or have a little fun.While this doesn't appear to be revolutionary information, it does reinforce the importance of sex in a healthy relationship.Being in a long distance relationship doesn't mean your sex life has to suffer.

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But thankfully now there are a few handy options to watch videos online perfectly in sync with your partner.

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